Business Service:

For every £1 invested in employees mental health, businesses saw a return of £9.98 – Deloitte


School Enterprise:

Nearly 1000 Children and Young People are referred to Mental Health Services every day.

Meet the Team

Jon Manning

Founder & CEO

Our Founder has a history of working within business development and commercial environments while suffering with a severe mental illness.

This combination of experience has inspired him to set up Arthur Ellis: Mental Health Support to revolutionise how people of all ages are supported and how mental illness is diagnosed.

Schools, Colleges and Universities…

We are also a Non-Profit Organisation, set up to educate, empower and support our future generations with their mental health.

Our work within the education sector is currently limited to conducting assemblies and workshops. We aim to roll out our revolutionary app to pilot with schools in Milton Keynes in 2018/19.

In the meantime, we are raising funds to make this happen through a range of campaigns. Find out more about how you can #MakeItSeen



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